Anion D'Scale ®

Water and Lime Scale Removal

You can now safely and easily remove water deposits and scale

A common conundrum: The chalky, hard water or limescale that develops on the inside of your mechanical components presents a two-fold problem.

First Problem, it significantly decreases the heat transfer capabilities of your machinery. This in turn causes your production and energy costs to go through the roof.

Second Problem, most commercially available descaling products, such as high-pressure steam rodding, high-pressure water jets, and industrial acids such as barium nitrate, can damage your equipment and emit toxic gases into your plant's atmosphere.

Additionally, old-fashioned mechanical industrial descaler methods require disassembly and reassembly, which could cost your business tens of thousands of dollars in lost production time.

Problems Solved! Anion D'Scale ® does not require mechanical disassembly to clean your components, is eco-friendly, and does an amazing job of cleaning all types of metals.

Anion D'Scale ®: The Easy, Safe, Water and Lime Descaler

Utilizing the latest water and lime descaler technology, Anion D'Scale ® liquid scale remover disseminates throughout the passageways of the waterside of your infected machinery. The progressive treatment's dynamic corrosion inhibitors, biodegradable degreasing solvents, and low-foaming penetrating and wetting agents:

  • does not require machinery disassembly and reassembly
  • safe on plastic, rubber, copper, brass, iron, steel and most other heated and water-cooled equipment
  • retards copper, steel and brass mechanical component corrosion
  • conserve energy lost with other types of water and lime descaling products
  • improves the efficiency of your machinery upon contact
  • prolongs the lifespan of your new, clean equipment
  • lowers your energy, maintenance and production costs

Before and After Using Anion D'Scale ®

Anion D'Scale ®: Descaling Product for Plant Proactive Maintenance

Find out how Anion D'Scale ® can help your business use the power of plant proactive maintenance to avoid unnecessary lost production time and maintenance costs. Contact us today to learn more about our revolutionary descaling product proven to increase your productivity while decreasing scale-related machinery downtime. Our offerings include:

  • Anion D'Scale ® General Purpose Liquid Descaler
  • Anion D'Scale ® Stainless: A non-corrosive cleaner specially formulated for all stainless steel plant machinery
  • Eco-Safe D'Scale ® is Certified by NSF to NSF/ANSI Standard 60. Common applications are potable water systems; pumps, coolers, boilers, water heat exchangers and tankless water heaters.

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