Anion Slick-Bar ™

Kiln Tire/Shell Lubrication Bars

Improving costly maintenance problems one kiln at a time

Our solid slow melting lubricating bars are designed to provide superior lubrication to the tire/shell interface, and minimize wear on major components. Anion Specialty Chemicals recognizes that one of the largest threats to your business's production time is kiln downtime. We also know that Slick-Bar ™ is the best way to affect optimal lubrication performance to this crucial interface between the kiln tire and kiln shell.

Slick-Bar ™ is recogniized around the world as the worlds premier solid lubricant bar that is easily inserted between the kiln tire bore & kiln shell. When inserted, Slick-Bar ™ goes to work by slowly melting as the kiln is turning, which releases the graphite, copper & other specialty lubricants to the area of application.

Slick-Bar ™ is used in all of the major manufacturers of rotory kilns & dryers and is a proven solution for your kiln's preventative maintenance programs. Slick-Bar ™ works by decreasing the friction on the surface of the kilns filler bars & the riding ring.

Slick-Bar Advantages

  • Simple to apply: Just insert slick-bar between the kiln tire/kiln shell interfaces & watch as the bar melts releasing the lubricants Our unique “tool-box” packaging allows for easy carrying from pier to pier
  • Environmentally Friendly: Slick-Bar dissolves leaving no harmful chemical residuals.
  • Reduction In Labor Costs: Application times are under a minute per tire.
  • Efficient: With Slick-Bar there is no special mixing requirements
  • Kiln Preventative Maintenance & Extension of Kiln Life Slick-Bar is an important, yet simple, part of your overall kiln preventative maintenance program which can greatly reduce more costly unwanted kiln down. & kiln repairs due to:
    • Kiln Shell Cracks & Fractures
    • Kiln Tire Pads & Stop Blocks
    • Kiln Tire Bore Surfaces, Kiln Creep & Ovality Issues
    * These items can easily cost a plant between $30,000-$50,000 in repairs.

Slick-Bar Benefits

  • High Graphite Content: 35-40%
  • Lubricant Content: 100%
  • Residue: None
  • Usage: Once Per Week
  • Dosage Rate: 3-5 Bars per pier

The Problems Our Products Address

The structure of a kiln contains a kiln shell, kiln tires, and tire support pads. It is inevitable that the kiln tires will move respective to the shell as the kiln rotates during operation. If the plane of the tire does not sit perpendicular to the kiln's rotating axis, the tire's rotation will slightly differ from the shell's rotation. This circumstance can ultimately initiate:

  • high tire clearance and creep
  • high shell ovality
  • kiln support wear
  • tire bore wear
  • refractory failures that result in high kiln maintenance costs and lost production time

The Solution for Effective Preventive Kiln Maintenance

You can utilize the power of predictive kiln maintenance to protect your kilns from unnecessary wear and tear. Anion SlickBar ® Kiln Tire Lubricant is a specially formulated blend of graphite, copper flakes and soft metal powders enclosed within a natural carrier. When applied to your kiln, SlickBar® dissipates and simultaneously lubricates both the support pad outside diameter and the kiln tire internal diameter. This in turn:

  • minimizes friction across the support pads
  • decreases tire retainer pressure
  • diminishes the effects of tire bore and support pad wear
  • discourages overall kiln support wear

Standard Package Sizes

  • 11.5" Length x ¾" Thick x 2.0" Wide
  • 12.0" Length x 3/8" Thick x 2.0" Wide
  • 11.0" Length x 5/8" Thick x 2.5" Wide

* Special sizes are available to meet your specific requirements

Recommended Dosage

If kiln diameter is:
Up to 11ft: 2-4 bars, per pier
Larger than 11ft: 3-5 bars, per pier.

Apply every 2-3 days as part of your regular kiln preventative maintenance program

Use Slick-Bar With Wide Kiln Shell Temperature Variances

Kiln shell temperature profiles show that there can be wide temperature ranges that exist at difference points along the length of the kiln. Fortunately, Slick-Bar meets this challenge by offering a bar that meets all of these tough temperature differences the first time & all the time.

The Expectation: How SlickBar® Delivers Easy, Affordable Kiln Preventive Maintenance

SlickBar® is the most economical tire/shell melting lubricant available on the market today. It does not contain any hazardous ingredients and is considered 100% natural. Therefore, it does not emit any hazardous gases throughout your facility as you lubricate your kilns with the product.

Contact Anion Specialty Chemicals today to find out how proper, consistent use of SlickBar can help prevent kiln support wear and protect your kilns from emergency failures. Our easy to use SlickBar is available in 50 bars per case so you can rest assured that each kiln in your plant will work at optimal capacity day in and day out.

Slick-Bar application area diagram

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