Anion Graphite Blocks

Graphite Blocks

The Dry Graphite Lubricant Solution

Setting the industry standard in bearing thrust mechanism resolution, Anion's cutting-edge dry graphite lubricant reverses the mechanical instabilities that negatively impact your company's production and maintenance costs. Our graphite blocks are the solution to these issues.

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Preventive Benefits of our graphite block lubricant:

  • increases graphite deposition
  • initiates high porosity
  • lowers pressure upon the bearing thrust mechanism
  • lowers pressure upon thrust collars and end caps
  • generates less heat

Graphite Lubricant Bar for Preventive Plant Maintenance

Anion's graphite blocks offer the highest porosity graphite stock available on the market. Our Graphite Blocks contain anti-oxidants and rust and corrosion inhibitors that provide exceptional lubricant capabilities that:

  • maximizes graphite deposition
  • ensures optimal performance in all high pressure and high-temperature applications
  • significantly reduces roller and tire wear

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Find out how Anion Graphite Blocks can solve your stressful bearing thrust mechanism problem once and for all. Contact Anion to discover how our proprietary Graphite Block formulation can increase your bottom line while significantly decreasing your predictive plant maintenance costs.

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