Trunnion & Mill Bearing Fluid

Trunnion & Mill Bearing Fluid

Improve High-Temperature Trunnion and Cement Mill Bearing Overloading

We solve trunnion and mill bearing lube problems for people in the chemical, waste, food processing, lime, cement and paper industries. we provide expert consulting and field troubleshooting support to help our customers find the best lubricating products.

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Are you using petroleum based lubricants?

Chances are, your rotary kilns, coolers, dryers and calciners rely on various types of gearing, anti-friction bearings, and large-diameter sleeve or journal bearings to do their job. Most equipment manufacturer provided petroleum-based oils can satisfactorily meet moderate temperature requirements, but sometimes this is not enough.

If your machinery's bearing temperatures exceed 125°F, petroleum lubricants can initiate low viscosities and promote carbonaceous residues. Why is this a problem? The presence of these high-temperature trunnion and mill bearing overload conditions will most likely contribute to mechanical problems and repeated maintenance costs.

Lower High Bearing Temperature with Synthetic Lubrication Fluid

Anion's synthetic kiln trunnion and bearing fluid is specially formulated for high-temperature conditions. Obviously this product is also quite sufficient for moderate temperature requirments. Our proprietary formulation of an anti-oxidants and EP additives are GUARANTEED to lower the temperature of your machinery's hot bearings to normal, regardless of the cause of the high-bearing temperature! When partnered with our Total Oil Testing, (TOT) program, our revolutionary trunnion and bearing fluid also:

  • reduces the wear of steel sleeve, brass and bronze bearings at low rotational speeds
  • are thermally and chemically stable
  • have a high viscosity index
  • are water-soluble
  • are compatible with most common metals and elastomers
  • reduce maintenance and wear costs
  • increase kiln production

Experience How Anion Can Help You Utilize Plant Proactive Maintenance to Lower High Bearing Temperature

Don't let your high-temperature trunnion and mill bearings cost your business time and money. Contact Anion today to find out how our synthetic kiln trunnion and bearing fluid use the power of plant proactive maintenance to:

  • lower high bearing temperature
  • increase your production time
  • eliminate unnecessary maintenance costs.