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Kiln Tire Spray Lubricant

A better solution for a high temp maintenanace challenges

If your kiln maintains temperatures of 600 degrees or higher, Anion understands that your business needs a highly-effective, non-flammable kiln tire spray lubricant to protect the lifeblood of your business.

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Why Our Tire Spray Lubricant is Superior

High-temperature tire creep, the distance the kiln shell moves relative to the tire each kiln revolution, results in a horizontal motion that naturally elevates the pressure on your kiln's tire stop blocks. This pressure can cause:

  • friction between your kiln's tire ID and its support pads
  • higher shell ovality degradation rate
  • expensive support pad replacement
  • hundreds of thousands of dollars in unexpected maintenance costs and lost production time

SlickSpray ®: Anion's Plant Preventive Maintenance Answer

Fortunately, Anion's plant predictive maintenance product line includes SlickSpray®, an exceptional kiln tire spray lubricant that is the only one of its kind to exhibit intermolecular attraction properties. SlickSpray® provides premium metal adhesion and greater load carrying characteristics than any other liquid support pad lubrication available on the market. Best of all, SlickSpray® is easy to apply with a small, pressurized sprayer outfitted with an articulated spray nozzle.

SlickSpray ®: For Kiln Preventive Maintenance

Find out how easy it is to let SlickSpray deposit a solid, slick coat onto the surface of your tire bore and kiln support pad’s outside diameter. Once applied, SlickSpray® will grant your kiln maximum protection from galling and cold welding. SlickSpray's soft metal solids quickly fill your kiln's surface imperfections, which in turn:

  • reduces friction
  • increases the potential to easily triple the lifespan of your kiln's tire support pads

Contact Anion Performance Chemicals today to schedule your own SlickSpray kiln maintenance plan proven to maximize your bottom line through decreasing your kiln's support pad wear and reducing its retainer pressure.

Slick Spray Applicator

Anion Performance Chemicals is proud to introduce Slick Spray's new rechargeable sprayer for easy application.

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