Rewitec Nano-Technology

Rewitec ®

A product for reconditioning the surfaces of internal metal components

Rewitec ® is a surface-modifying treatment that is added to the lubricant in the machine, which carries the compound to the friction zones of metal surfaces. The innovative, award-winning Rewitec Nanocoating treatment contains a state-of-the-art blend of synthetic silicates that bond with metal surfaces upon contact. While your machine is fully-functioning, the Rewitec Nanocoating ® treatment will:

  • blend with the existing lubricant in your equipment
  • transports the silicon compounds into the sub-surface layer of your machine
  • disburse the silicon compounds across and into your machine's worn, micro-pitted areas
  • utilize the pressure, friction and high temperatures in your machine's gearboxes and engines to trigger the unique chemical bonding process that binds the Rewitec Nanocoating to your machines metal surfaces. As this binding occurs, the delicate nano-articles strip the dirt from your machine's metal surfaces
  • Rewitec Nanocoating ® then reacts with your newly cleaned metal surfaces to produce a fluid, protective uniformly graded layer

Rewitec - Nanotechnology for Preventative MaintenanceFar superior than just a coating, this uniformly graded layer produces flush transitional boundaries that resist spalling and cracking due to corrosion, physical and thermal stress. Additionally, under specific conditions, Rewitec Nanocoating ® has proven to exhibit an astonishing self-healing mechanism that:

  • fills in rough, micro-cracked and porous metal surfaces
  • restores optimal frictional capacities due to elevated lubricant saturation that consistently serves to promote continual gear reconditioning and bearing reconditioning
  • improves your machine's ability to withstand high temperatures and routine wear

Bottom line benefits from using Rewitec®

Rewitec can play a significant role in affecting less frequent downtime, and extend useful life of critical components. Specifically, Rewitec ® can help you to:

  • lower maintenance costs
  • irreversible bearing, gear and gearbox damage
  • lost production time
  • inability to serve customers

The Anion Commitment to First-Rate Maintenance

As plant preventive maintenance experts, we know that gear and bearing failure rdue to abrasive wear can cost your business a lot of money. Anion proudly offers Rewitec® products, along with industry best consulting for finding the best solution for your needs.

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The Rewitec Difference in Gear and Bearing Reconditioning

True to our commitment to providing the very plant preventive maintenance products in the industry, Anion is proud to feature the unparalleled gear reconditioning Rewitec Nanocoating ® mechanical treatment.

Unlike solo industrial lubricant treatments that offer short-term friction surface relief, Rewitec's Nanocoating one-time mechanical treatment utilizes the latest technological advances in surface friction coating tribology, the branch of industrial science dedicated to the reduction of mechanical component friction and wear.

One on-site Rewitec Nanocoating & treatment:

  • Coats, protects and reconditions worn-out and micro-pitted metal surfaces
  • Preserves new metal surfaces to retain their original smooth surfacing indefinitely
  • Improves the efficiency of your equipment by up to 10 percent
  • Extends the service life of your machinery
  • Lowers production costs
  • Maximizes mechanical component longetivy
  • Yields higher load carrying capacity potential
  • Elevates mechanical component speed potential
  • Circumvents mechanical related downtime

In test after test, on-site Rewitec Nanocoating ® mechanical treatments have repeatedly shown unsurpassed gear reconditioning and bearing reconditioning capabilities. Rewitec's unique, patented formulation has collectively saved businesses, such as paper plants, cement mills, and industrial plants millions of dollars in abrasive wear, mechanical breakdown related expenses due to:

  • lowered vibrations
  • decreased temperatures
  • renewed surface strength
  • restored geometry of worn parts

Rewitec's Nanocoating Productivity Proof:

Gear Reconditioning and Bearing Reconditioning Pays Off

Find out for yourself how Rewitec Nanocoating can maximize your business's productivity through gear reconditioning and bearing reconditioning. Read through Rewitec's industry-specific case studies that prove it can ensure the mechanical component longevity your business depends on to increase its profits while decreasing mechanical breakdown-related time and expenses.

Rewitec ® Case Studies: